Empowered 1 Life Coach - Your thoughts shape the quality of your life.

Be Faith Strong!                                   
Makia White
 founder and CEO
By sharing her life story of how to overcome obstacles, hopelessness, and brokenness, you will be inspired. use your Mind Power...
  to empower your today!
EMPOWERED1 was created in an effort to motivate and coach people, just like you and I, to live their lives on purpose. In other words keep your vision ever before you. My goal is to support  those who dare to make a difference, while seeking the "fullest expression of themselves,as a human being." What a profound statement!
Think about it many of us have worked on dead-end jobs all our lives, unable to express our true selves. Burnout is inevitable in this rat race of life . To make matters worse, at the end of the day there is this looming question. Does what I do really matter? Well...through the personal coaching  that EMPOWERED1 offers, you will identify a life of  purpose as you realize, your passion is your indeed powerful. I have created a unique set of 12 Step Principles to help you identify your soul-purpose as you reach higher to your fullest potential.This will allow you to tap into the power that lies within and truly share your voice with the world. Ultimately, you will realize serving others while fulfilling this  passion, will allow the capacity of abundance to radiate in your life.
I have utilize carefully developed Coaching tools.based on the International Coaching Science Research Foundation, to guide you toward living your dreams. Through this systematic approach you can begin today creating the life you love. It will include a self assessment report, trainings, exercises as well as teleconferences to use for your own personal growth and development to wholeness.
I am excited about your future...so let's get started on rethinking your possibilities!!!!
Now is the right time.
Be challenged....Be changed
 live your fullest purpose.
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