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Her Story

J. Makia White was born in beautiful Los Angeles, California. She graduated from California State University at Northridge with a degree in Liberal Studies in 1987. Ms. White went on to complete her certification in the field of both General and Special education, from California State University at Dominguez Hills. It is here where she also received a Masters of Arts Degree in Education and completed work in School Administration in 1990.  Makia White is proud of an extensive career she held with Los Angeles Unified School district as an educator, mentor teacher, and program specialist. In 1985 she co-authored a handbook entitled, “Teaching Reading to students with Special Needs”.  Possessing the skills to empower teachers was a defining moment for her. This handbook is a professional resource tool that provides support to teachers.  In 2005 Ms. White relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. She worked with Gwinnett county Public Schools for several years as an educator, before retiring in 2009.  She is presently pursuing her life’s passion by inspiring people to “Take back their power and live their dreams.” Ms. White stresses the importance of leading a more satisfying, successful, and fulfilling life. Mrs. White is currently a Life Coach in the state of Georgia. She is founder and CEO of Empowered1 LLC. Ms. White is also an empowerment speaker and Inspirational expert. Ms. White is available for speaking and event engagements. She can be contacted in writing at P.O. Box 391402, Snellville, Georgia, 30039. In addition her website address is http://www.empowered1lifecoach.com or through e-mail at makiawhite@empowered1lifecoach.com.

Motivational Speaker ~ Life Coach ~ faith Leader

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