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          "Tower in your Power"                                    
Makia White
 founder and CEO
  Be inspired. use your Mind Power...
  to empower your today!
EMPOWERED1 was created in an effort to inspire, challenge and evoke changes in the lives of women as they gain inner peace as well as personal achievement/
The goal is to support  individuals who dare to make a difference, while seeking the "fullest expression of themselves as a human being.

 Makia White helps women to believe without limits and take action concerning their future. Born in Los Angeles California where she taught for 25 years and Mentored teachers. Founder of Empowered1 LLC, she provides private life and group coaching, creates digital products, Leads faith based seminars, and develops on-line courses. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the California University, Dominguez Hills, loves life and stimulating conversations. Makia White is dedicated to the ministry of prayer. It's an exciting time for your get started today on rethinking your possibilities!!!!
Your thoughts shape the quality 
of your life.
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